Wigs & Makeup

Oh The Joy of Womanhood!

In my honest opinion, there is nothing more wonderful than being a woman! I always boast that I take advantage of the joys of being a lady and proudly partake in ALL of the things associated with women such as manicures and/or false nails, makeup, eyelashes so long they touch my hairline, stylish clothing that are borderline costumes, and more! I have to admit that the best part is the ability to completely change my identity with wigs! Wigs provide versatility to change looks as often as you please with little to no effort on your part with the exception of stocking capping your natural tresses and taking care to avoid the wigs looking too “wiggy”. With each new look comes a new attitude to match! They are the PERFECT accessory, will keep your spouse on their toes and have the rest of the world wondering what’s next!

2019 Wig Looks

2019 was definitely my wiggiest year to date! Having worn my natural hair for about 2 years after wearing weaves more than half of my life, I decided to try wigs in an effort to preserve my hair and avoid the daily manipulation required to achieve my desired look.

My 2018 Natural Hair

Fortunately, being born to a fashionista and having the influence of a fabulous grandmother and aunts, I recalled their experiences with wigs, thus preparing me for my wig wearing destiny!

More 2019 Wig Looks

In no time I was customizing wigs to suit my taste, finding lots of inspiration on YouTube. I intend to share the tips I’ve learned so far to help those interested in rocking those wigs Angila Style!

2019 faves…I absolutely LOVE these!