For the love of food!

There is no love more sincere than the love of food…

George Bernard Shaw

Let’s Eat!

Weekends mornings usually consist of indulging in a hearty breakfast as pictured above. Having been born and raised in Texas, I’m a southern girl who can appreciate buttery grits, country potatoes, and thick sliced bacon! Preparing daily meals for a family of 5 can be challenging at times but I am proud to say that I have breakfast down to a science! I believe butter and cheese are breakfast staples and avocado and salsa should always be in arms reach. I believe the best pancakes are in fact griddle cakes, lightly fried in vegetable oil, and MUST include those delicious, funnel cake like edges.

Now THIS is a pancake!

This morning I tried something new, adding chopped smoked sausage links and diced fresh jalapenos to my country potatoes and OMG they were insanely delicious! Feeling a bit more creative, I added a very ripe banana to my waffle mix with some chopped pecans, cinnamon, a pinch of brown sugar, and a dash of vanilla. I blended well and added to my Dash mini waffle maker and when I tell you those little waffles were amazing, they were AMAZING!

Soft, buttery, goodness!

I wish I had taken pictures during preparation but there’ll be plenty more breakfasts to share in the near future! I will also be including full recipes and eventually conducting group cooking sessions for those interested in a hands on cooking experience! More to come! Until next time, Live, Love, and Eat!