Home for the Holidays!

I had the pleasure of spending a full 2 weeks at home with my family during my kid’s Christmas break. I took the time to do everything I could think to do during this time like deep cleaning, redecorating, cooking and EATING several times a day, lounging with my 5 dogs, and more. But the most exciting part of my time off was definitely NOT the time spent with the kids but my new found obsession with a selfie ring light situated on a tripod, equipped with 3 different lighting features AND a Bluetooth remote! There was no question that I was blessed and highly favored having stumbled upon this genius device for less than $30 on Amazon!

I had a brilliant idea to do a self-directed photo shoot with just me and my fur babies! I went to Pets Mart and found the cutest outfits which happened to be 25% off! I came home, got ready and got them dressed for showtime! Surprisingly, they ALL did very well for 5 minutes before my 2 year old dachshund Rusty ruined the moment by distracting the others when he escaped up the stairs! Fortunately, I was able to capture some adorable photos in that short amount of time.

Rusty’s Escape
Pretending to be innocent!
Everyone’s out of formation…pure chaos…me trying to remain calm!

Feeling the slight guilt of not doing a photo shoot with my human family…I felt compelled to get them in formation to take photos for New Year’s eve! With 3 teens, a 9 and 5 year old, and a tired, hard-working husband, I knew I was in over my head attempting to pull this off. Not one to be defeated, I made sure all 6 of them knew the plan and to be ready. My 15 year old niece Amari (El Nae Nae) was all too excited to put lashes on herself and my proud, natural, 18 year old daughter Te’a who cringes at the idea of glamour. My 9 year old Laila was also eager to put on the slightest bit of makeup to fit in with the older girls.

With an outfit for EVERY occasion, I pulled out my oh-so-glam rhinestone bustier I got from Forever 21 3 years ago and paired with the satin trimmed blazer also purchased at Forever 21 this summer. My husband’s Fashion Nova Men’s Plus sized clothing arrived just in time for the photos and my son Kobe (Kobester) had the velvet blazer gifted to him for Christmas 2019. My Godson Kayden was spending the week with us since his mother was attending a wedding in Miami so he excitedly joined in the “fun”.

Before it all went downhill…

Their attention span lasted about as long as the dogs. After several shots, 3 of the dogs showed up out of nowhere, Laila got mad at nothing, and just like that, it was over. To add to the confusion, my lovely sister Mich, Amari’s mom, and cousin Tiffany decided to stop by on their way to NYE church service. I seized the opportunity to get a photo of Mich and Amari quickly followed by pictures with my husband Shelby and the kids after he FINALLY got dressed 30 minutes after the shoot began. Before I knew it, all of the kids were back in their regular clothes, feasting on the NYE appetizers we prepared. Unfortunately I was unable to take part in the group photo but made up for it with SELFIES!

Cheers to an AWESOME 2o2o! May all of your wishes, dreams, goals, and desires come true!

Dogs arrive..Laila is pissed for whatever reason
Food was the BOMB!
Homemade buffalo and garlic Parmesan wings…YUM!