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A Bad Girl 😎

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Oh, hey there!

I’ve suddenly found myself increasingly busy these past few months. Work/Life balance seems to be more of a luxury than a priority but in true Angila style I just seem to adapt.

I’m always been one to challenge the norm and conformity has never been a virtue for me, so finding a way to be true to myself in a tactful manner has been somewhat of a challenge lately. Not wanting to come off as the “Angry Black Woman” I find it easier to distance myself and observe the career that I’ve grown to love for the past 9 years make its own evolution with a gentle nudge from the universe encouraging me to do the same.

I’m blessed. I am a writer, motivational speaker, interior decorator, matchmaker, loving dog mom, mother, wife, homie, lover, friend and so much more. Oftentimes we know our gifts and talents but the societal norm is conformity; everyone doing the same thing without understanding why. This year I promised myself that I would step outside of my comfort zone to live more authentically; whatever it takes and I can tell more and more, with each passing day, that my higher self is holding me to my promise. There’s a saying that goes, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and I’m experiencing it the more I challenge myself.

I’ve been told that I’m easy to talk to and that my spirit is uplifting and comforting. I’m so blessed to work with nearly 300 people who have taught me just as much about myself as I’ve taught them over the years. They’ve confided in me their goals, successes, failures, and fears, allowing me to tap into my higher self or God self within and be whatever they need in that moment and I can tell you that in those moments, I’m fulfilled. Nothing compares to that feeling as my heart fills with love and joy doing what I love most…telling people what to do!

While people may come to me for answers, I don’t have it all figured out either! We’re all on this wonderful life journey defining and redefining ourselves every day and should begin to “seek 1st the kingdom of heaven” which is within each of us, for the answers we need. By getting into the habit of going within to your own personal heaven, everything else will be “added to you”.