I pride myself on evolution. There’s nothing cute about being the same person year after year, month after month or even day after day. Each day I have the freedom to choose who I’d like to be, effortlessly decide to become that version of myself until eventually, I’m that person. It’s just that simple! And I have to mention that the journey to becoming a better you is nothing short of amazing…if you choose to see it from that perspective. There’ll be the usual trials and tribulations that are intended to help mold our character into the people we’ve asked to be but these challenges cause us to step out of our comfort zones and ultimately into our destiny.

I’ve always been selfishly true to myself; to thine own self be true. This year I’ll be 40 and have decided that I’m going to embrace the next chapter of my life Kim Kardashian/Beyonce style! Beyonce has 3 children and Kim has 4. Kim will be 40 3 days after I turn 40 and Beyonce will be 40 in 2021. I also have 3 children who will be 19, 17, and 10 this year…no excuses!

Stepping into 40 like 👑🖕🤩😜

I’ve concluded there is no reason for me to enter the next phase of my life, conforming to society’s interpretation of a woman in her 40s..why MUST I be regular! I’m taking sexy to a new level, mastering and utilizing my many talents, and am determined to make an impact on the world! This era, I am committed to making smarter decisions, spending more time reflecting, being open minded, traveling, and continuing to follow my truth.

Every 3 years I get to meet the woman I imagined!

Because I have been able to recreate myself year after year, I get to decide what my 40s will entail…and that vision is grand! Always remember you have the power to choose who you would like to be. I encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and imagine what life would be like as the better version of you…then GO FOR IT!

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